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Monica LeoneI was distinctly fortunate to grow up on the east coast of Florida, specifically on the Indian River, and just blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. I consider that whole coastal region, including the Bahamas and the Caribbean, my roots. I’m still a Florida girl at heart!

The decision to leave Florida at age 21 was one of practicality; jobs were in Texas at the time. I began a career in computer programming and was proudly part of the team that wrote software for the Shuttle program for over 25 years.

Now in Texas longer than I ever lived in Florida, and early-retired, I’m able to explore any and all ways of creative expression. And that’s just what I’m doing!

My artwork currently includes:
RAKU Pottery – I always wanted to create beautiful RAKU pottery like the pieces I saw at art exhibits. The first thing I had to learn is that this is one thing I cannot control! A beautiful piece of RAKU is like a pearl, a total gift from the universe!
Jewelry - I love it in every form! I’m working my way through them all…beaded, precious metal clay, ceramic, glass, wire-wrapped, mixed metal, enameled, stamped, cold-connected………
Fused Glass – For me, glass is like a gemstone that I can use to make pretty things!
Leaded Glass – Inspired by the windows in our church, I wanted to bring that beauty into the home.

Inspirations: I got my first set of jewelry pliers to make rosaries. Crosses feature prominently in my pieces. For me, they represent sources of strength, courage, comfort and beauty which are exactly what I wish for the recipient.
Hearts are another major theme in my pieces, probably because I’m one, big, bleeding heart! I love them in all different shapes and symmetries.
Unapologetically, I love Cats! I’ve had a cat since I learned to walk. My cats live large; we should all be so well-loved! Cats and paw prints make their way into my pieces; you’re welcome fellow cat lovers! :)