Monica Leone Designs

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I make one-of-a-kind pottery, jewelry and home decor items. Two things inspire my work, beautiful colors and shapes that evoke emotion. I work primarily with clay, metal, beads and glass.

My forays in Raku pottery can only be described as uncontrolled joyful frustration. It starts with my vision and then something greater than me happens!

With my jewelry I aspire to make pieces that are either your everyday 'go to' items OR a total conversation piece.

I work with glass in many different applications including jewelry, deorative items, night lights and cake testers.

I produce pieces throughout the year and primarily sell through art shows in November and December. I sell pieces from my inventory or take custom orders at any time. You can see examples in my Gallery. If you are interested in making a purchase please contact me via phone or email.

Finally, I'm deeply grateful to those of you who have loved one or more of my pieces! You made my year!